Administrative Services from the Heart
What is a Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant is a professional service provider who specializes in providing administrative services in an 
ongoing, collaborative professional relationship ensuring a high standard of ethics and confidentiality.
About Virtually yours, LLC
Virtually yours, LLC is designed to offer its services to organizations, 
professionals, and businesses who may not have the resources or 
need to hire full-time administrative support staff. Our mission is to 
provide quality, professional administrative services using the highest 
standards of care, expertise, ethics, and confidentiality.
Virtually yours, LLC, combines technology and office support practices to 
provide administrative services in an effective, cost efficient way to your              
business, agency, community, or non-profit organization. We provide              
our services through a standard rate for a contracted time period,              
and through fee-for-service projects. This benefits you by having              
knowledgeable support staff, who work closely with your business and              
organization to make each project and task successful.
Our array of services is ideal for a small or medium business, a non profit
organization, or entrepreneurship when you need a resource for securing 
administrative support services, when your first choice may not be hiring
another full-time staff member, or when hiring from a temporary agency 
may not be practical or meet your business needs.
Linguistic Team Services
Virtually yours, LLC also has a linguistic team that offers Spanish/ English 
written and verbal projects including correspondence, document 
processing, proofreading, reports, Legal and Medical documents, 
telephone and written translations.
Whether it is a document to be processed and proofread, a manuscript, 
mailing list, or linguistic translation, we invite you to come talk with us.
 Let us show you how we can help you manage your time and staff more 
 Consultation and a Quote are at no cost to you!!!

Agendas and Minutes
Lingustic Team Services
Mailing Lists
Meeting Planning
Summary Reports
Transmittal Letters
Word Processing
Who uses our Services:
Agriculture, Ranching, Farming
Community Events, Concerts
Financial Institutions/Banking
Government, City, County, State
Legal Community & Courts      
Media and News Sources
Medical/Health Organizations
Real Estate Agencies/Contractors
Restaurant Facilities
Wedding/Entertainment Facilities
Retail Stores, Auto Dealers
Schools & Educational Sources
Social/Family Celebrations
Technology and Manufacturing
Theraputic Services
Worship Centers and Churches
     Contact Information:
                                             Elaine Furister CPS/CAP, Virtual Assistant.               
                                             926 8th Ave, Greeley CO 80631
                                             970-356- 7100